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Unknown: -Nearly got scammed by this number!! Wanted our full names and address, first said they had a friend who would deliver the puppy and then when asked for the name of company they said they would be choosing between 3 or 4 companies. Gave a story about the mother dying and how they can’t bare to look at the puppies. They sent some photos which after some snooping I found on google images! Asked for their name and address but blanked the question! So glad I searched the number before he scammed us out of £500!!
Dangerous: -SELLING FAKE PUPPIES!! Tried to scam me out of £485. When I questioned him, he got verbally abusive
Dangerous: -Selling puppies, scam guy needs to be shot
Dangerous: -selling fake puppies
Unknown: -PLEASE DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THEM!! It is a scam, it is a man pretending to be a woman saying her mother died and is selling her mothers puppies, offered to ship them over to me from Scotland to Ireland and when my mother spoke with them he reassured us everything is legit, then I googled the number and found this I am so glad I did before I gave my details he is so convincing!! I’m sorry to everyone who was scammed by him
Dangerous: -Do not be convinced ..fake puppy adds
Dangerous: -Scam for puppies please don’t let them convince you !
Dangerous: -Scammed £360 out of me for puppies! Then wanted extra £850 from me
Dangerous: -Fake puppy’s! Payed £150 and then they asked for another £850
Dangerous: -SCAM! Fake puppy adverts
Dangerous: -Fake puppy scam artist. Managed to get £500 out of me then tried to get more due to extra costs incurred
Dangerous: -Trying to sell fake puppies
Dangerous: -07440061576

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+447440061576 , 00447440061576 , 07440061576 , (07440) 061576 , 07440 061576 , +44 7440 061576 , tel:+44-7440-061576

The UK mobile number 07440061576 has a prefix of 07440 0, which belongs to the Lycamobile network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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