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07520624810 has been searched for 1862 times and has 14 comments . 9 users have rated it as Dangerous, 1 user has rated it as Safe, 4 users have rated it as Unknown.

This number has been reported by our users as a possble eBay Scammer call.

Dangerous - 07520624810 Rated 0.9 / 5 based on 14 reviews. Comment on this number

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Dangerous: -I have just experienced this scam for myself. I knew something was wrong from the first message I got from eBay. Asking me to message on watsapp as they had a question but had sent me an offer but not to accept without there consent. I thought it was strange for them to have a Singapore address but a UK mobile num as on my listing I said I only post in the UK. Messaged anyway thinking they might be on holiday or have family here as I have a friend who does. I brought this up to them, now they say it is for a cousins birthday but they will give me a total of £300 if I can get them a gift card for Argos & sent with my parcel. They will give me extra £50 for my trouble & extra £50 postage. Now I know this is wrong as why wouldn’t they just message through eBay. Keep away from this number!!!
Dangerous: -E bay scammer - had a message on ebay asking me to respond privately.
Dangerous: -ebay scammer
Dangerous: -eBay scammer. Zero feedback, exact messages received as those mentioned below
Unknown: -Ebay scammer
Dangerous: -Looks like an eBay scammer! Always has zero feedback, has joined that same day and won't talk via eBay. Picks a higher value item and makes a best offer higher than your buy it now price! UK number but on eBay says is based in Singapore. Sick of their messages several over the past few months trying to reel me in. Block them and they reappear a month later with a new username. Please be careful and block them no matter what they offer you as you can be sure you'll end up out of pocket at some point. Here is their message when they make an offer for an item on eBay.... "Just one question regarding the item,Kindly give me a text on my WhatsApp +44 7520 624810 or via my email address asap([email protected])Please do not accept my offer without my consent Thank you."
Dangerous: -Ebay scammer - doesn’t wish to speak via eBay messages asks for you to message on WhatsApp or to email them with information about your PayPal account.
Dangerous: -Dodgy Ebayer - wanted me to WhatsApp and refused to talk via eBay.
Dangerous: -Ebay scammer
Dangerous: -Suspicious Ebay person with no feedback wants to WhatsApp or email
Unknown: -Suspicious possible scam
Unknown: -I think I a scam number be aware I got it from my eBay someone wanted to buy my item from Singapore told me to call them first strange!!!


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The phone number 07520624810 has been searched and reported by users located in Burntwood, London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, and Dudley.


+447520624810 , 00447520624810 , 07520624810 , (07520) 624810 , 07520 624810 , +44 7520 624810 , tel:+44-7520-624810

The UK mobile number 07520624810 has a prefix of 07520 6, which belongs to the Tismi network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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