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Dangerous: -I was contacted by them for a child care job, they wanted to know my postcode. Trying to send a link to a site for a 'background checks'
Unknown: -Scam pls ignore
Dangerous: -fraud online
Dangerous: -Messaged me on a babysitting website offering me work. Transferred me to a website to complete a background check which was supposedly £7, entered my bank details which looked like the Lloyds screen and they tried taking £1000, luckily I got it back but they had cloned the account and made it seem like I had sent the money myself to another account from my Lloyds app. BEWARE!!
Dangerous: -Trying to scamming me with a babysitting job and all the scammers are on Care.com.
Unknown: -pretended to be Suku M and tried to scam me of money
Dangerous: -Dangerous: -Claims to be called Tara H childminding services and asking for postcode and other personal information.Asking to make payments on fake site for background check
Dangerous: -Asked for all my details and claimed they wanted babysitting but were fraudulent
Dangerous: -Really dangerous. Stole money
Dangerous: -Claims to be called Louise J Wanting childminding services and asking for postcode and other personal information.
Dangerous: -total scam trying to get you to pay for a background check with a non gov company
Dangerous: -Only want personal information, very dangerous.
Unknown: -Got message asking to contact this number regarding a job in care
Dangerous: -Scams people on care.com for personal info
Dangerous: -Scams people on care.com for their personal information
Dangerous: -Scam, wanted to do a background check on me very dodgey and trying to move too quickly
Dangerous: -They asked me to do a background check for a job on Care.com, but they were about to remove money from my account and I cancelled it on time. Also they accessed my email but I change the email quickly. Please beware. That’s a scam
Dangerous: -On a housekeepers website asking me to get in touch via viber or WhatsApp seems like a con
Dangerous: -This number is registered on Child Care website and the person using it asking for personal information.
Dangerous: -Wants personal information

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+447520641548 , 00447520641548 , 07520641548 , (07520) 641548 , 07520 641548 , +44 7520 641548 , tel:+44-7520-641548

The UK mobile number 07520641548 has a prefix of 07520 6, which belongs to the Tismi network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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