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Dangerous: -Lloyds Bank has noticed your Lloyds Credit card ending **** was used on 13-04-2021 01:34:52, at JD SPORTS INTERNET for £95.00. This payment was declined. If this was you reply YES, otherwise reply NO. There is no need to call us. Responding to this text is the quickest way to update your account
Dangerous: -text saying activity on bank card use link for contact
Dangerous: -Got a Text saying from LLoyds bank and it declined a payment I made through Paypal and to reply Yes or No.
Dangerous: -Number purports to be from LLoyds banK. 1st text sent to warn of impending msg. 2nd msg asking to confirm foreign airline payment where card was declined. Asked to text yes or no if genuine & text said no need to call bank!! Worrying as text used last 4 digits of card. Confirmed that definite scam text. DANGEROUS.
Dangerous: -Halifax card spammer (I don't have one)
Dangerous: -Received call on my mobile, then on land line and a text all from this number, claiming to be Halifax Fraud Dept. Looked up number on line and it gets lots of negative comments. I think it may be a scam!
Dangerous: -I had a text asking me to confirm a Walmart payment on my credit card (not my transaction). Called Halifax and they confirmed this is not a Halifax number.
Neutral: -Used by Lloyds group to send texts warning of possible fraudulent use of card. Call your bank.
Unknown: -It seems to be a fraud alert number for companies in the Lloyds group. Suggest calling the bank or card service to check.
Dangerous: -Text message stated to be from Lloyds Bank. Trying to remove money from credit card
Dangerous: -As below. A string of Halifax texts received, shortly followed by this number asking for confirmation of payment. Money already been paid.
Unknown: -Wife got a text from Halifax after using her credit card on line saying they would be in contact. the initial message definitely came from Halifax because there was string of earlier known messages. The next text came from 07860015110 asking about the transaction. Isn't it odd for a bank to use a mobile number to contact? Maybe scam is inside Halifax?
Dangerous: -They are saying they are from Lloyds Bank

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+447860015110 , 00447860015110 , 07860015110 , (07860) 015110 , 07860 015110 , +44 7860 015110 , tel:+44-7860-015110

The UK mobile number 07860015110 has a prefix of 07860, which belongs to the O2 network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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