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07860018289 has been searched for 1735 times and has 18 comments . 11 users have rated it as Dangerous, 1 user has rated it as Harassing, 6 users have rated it as Unknown.

This number has been reported by our users as a possble Car Injury Scam call.

Dangerous - 07860018289 Rated 0.7 / 5 based on 18 reviews. Comment on this number

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Dangerous: -Scammes trying to get you to do car crash claim thing.
Dangerous: -Got a call from 01208 154333 asking if I had been in a car accident. mucked them about a bit on the phone and sent me a text from 07860018289 asking me to reply to the text so I can authorise them to send me the documents. Avoid/block these numbers.
Dangerous: -Got a call from 01543133588. It began as usual with "You have been involved in accident, is that right?". After saying "YES" the call has been forwarded and guy with Indian accent continued the conversation. Lead by curiosity I opened my browser and found online fake name generator and made myself ready to submit dummy details. He asked my name, address and accident details claiming he was in the middle of doing paperwork for my compensation. After feeding him with fake data for about 10 mins he promised me to send the papers for my review and approval. Final favour he asked was to text him back to 07860018289 with my name and phrase "injury claim" then we ended up the call. Obviously I didn't text him back. Just after 10 minutes I got a call again from number 02081062545 and the same guy was on the line. He asked me if I texted him back. I said I am driving and will do it later. At this point shmuck understood being fooled. He started to complain why I am lying as he is unable to hear background noise. Then he said that I allegedly submitted fake details and that this is not funny at all. After I asked If I can speak with his supervisor he hanged up. I wasted my 15 mins with him, but anyway I had fun.
Dangerous: -car accident scam
Unknown: -A man called 'Kevin' rang me off a land line 02081039308 (checked after call-no such number) Said he worked for Lunar Expert Guidance...(not registered with companies house) Knew every single aspect of a car accident I was involved in, even the post code where it occurred. Sent me a text from 07860018289 whilst we were talking+kept insisting that I text back "injury claim" with a promise of £2000 compensation. I didn't and just told him I was busy. Seems it was a scam
Dangerous: -car injury scam. Also using (presumably) spoofed landlines 012255073785 and 02030062121
Unknown: -Car injury spammer.
Dangerous: -Scam
Dangerous: -car injury scam
Dangerous: -Car injury spam
Unknown: -accident claims call back number..:)
Harassing: -Personal injury claim.. Avoid Spam
Unknown: -Dodgy accident chaser from India possibly. Beware.
Unknown: -Car accident scammers
Dangerous: -Accident claims


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The phone number 07860018289 has been searched and reported by users located in Burntwood.


+447860018289 , 00447860018289 , 07860018289 , (07860) 018289 , 07860 018289 , +44 7860 018289 , tel:+44-7860-018289

The UK mobile number 07860018289 has a prefix of 07860, which belongs to the O2 network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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