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Safe: -Hi. I prev left a bad review based on suspicion no order, but a friend sent a gift and got our street number wrong. This is genuine Amazon delivery number, we are in Luton, this was in fact a very friendly Amazon driver Alina (who’s number i’d Blocked!) sorry Alina & thank you for keeping trying!
Dangerous: -“An Amazon delivery driver needs help with your order. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts from Amazon delivery drivers.” “Hello, my name is Alina. Sorry, but I can't find your place. Can you help me with any tips or specific directions?” Amazon has never had trouble delivering to a very clear address, clearly spam, no delivery outstanding.
Dangerous: -Received texts and calls from this number along with 0203157138 about delivery of Amazon goods. They were saying they had parcels for be but sat nav was taking them to a paper mill nearby. Amazon confirmed these numbers are NOT connected to them in any way and have been reported as a scam. BE WARNED.
Unknown: -Text received from "Valentine" saying they had an Amazon delivery for me but were unable to deliver. Asking if they could leave it on the black bin. I called the number but it rang engaged. I then received a text in romanian saying that my order had been delivered. There was a parcel at home on my Brown bin which may be coincidence. Soon after i tried to call this number back, i received a message from Facebook saying that someone had tried to access my facebook account who they thought was fraudulent. I checked log in locations and it said that the suspect location was Vietnam.
Safe: -Was a genuine Amazon delivery driver in my case - had left a parcel behind some wheelie bins and wanted to let me know
Dangerous: -Amazon delivery. Costs money to send STOP message.. BLOCK
Unknown: -Left text message claiming to be an "Amazon delivery driver" wanting access to my building.
Dangerous: -Pretends they are Amazon. They sent a text: "An Amazon delivery driver needs help with your order. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts from Amazon delivery drivers. Hello, my name is Ali. Where is a safe place to leave your order?" I did not order anything. 10 seconds later they send another text: "Unfortunately, your order couldn't be delivered. You can track your order on Your Orders page. This text session will close in 5 min." Highly suspicious. I did not contact them at all. They clearly want information about where I live. Scary.
Dangerous: -Pretends to work for Amazon. Asked to send a message back. Props gonna charge like £10 for texting back. Im blocking it.

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+447418342908 , 00447418342908 , 07418342908 , (07418) 342908 , 07418 342908 , +44 7418 342908 , tel:+44-7418-342908

The UK mobile number 07418342908 has a prefix of 07418 3, which belongs to the Tismi network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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