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Unknown: -Claims to be from amazon but I haven’t ordered anything. Also, I’m at home and there’s been no knock.
Safe: -Amazon delivery
Safe: -Amazon delivery driver here, this is indeed one of our amazon delivery numbers. We get directed through this number when we want to contact the customer. It's really annoying seeing that people reporting this as a scam, just makes our job a bit harder sometimes. Had an incident where the person told me to f*** off when I tried to call him. We're just trying to do our jobs.
Safe: -Hi. I prev left a bad review based on suspicion no order, but a friend sent a gift and got our street number wrong. This is genuine Amazon delivery number, we are in Luton, this was in fact a very friendly Amazon driver Alina (who’s number i’d Blocked!) sorry Alina & thank you for keeping trying!
Dangerous: -“An Amazon delivery driver needs help with your order. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts from Amazon delivery drivers.” “Hello, my name is Alina. Sorry, but I can't find your place. Can you help me with any tips or specific directions?” Amazon has never had trouble delivering to a very clear address, clearly spam, no delivery outstanding.
Dangerous: -Received texts and calls from this number along with 0203157138 about delivery of Amazon goods. They were saying they had parcels for be but sat nav was taking them to a paper mill nearby. Amazon confirmed these numbers are NOT connected to them in any way and have been reported as a scam. BE WARNED.
Unknown: -Text received from "Valentine" saying they had an Amazon delivery for me but were unable to deliver. Asking if they could leave it on the black bin. I called the number but it rang engaged. I then received a text in romanian saying that my order had been delivered. There was a parcel at home on my Brown bin which may be coincidence. Soon after i tried to call this number back, i received a message from Facebook saying that someone had tried to access my facebook account who they thought was fraudulent. I checked log in locations and it said that the suspect location was Vietnam.
Safe: -Was a genuine Amazon delivery driver in my case - had left a parcel behind some wheelie bins and wanted to let me know
Dangerous: -Amazon delivery. Costs money to send STOP message.. BLOCK
Unknown: -Left text message claiming to be an "Amazon delivery driver" wanting access to my building.
Dangerous: -Pretends they are Amazon. They sent a text: "An Amazon delivery driver needs help with your order. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts from Amazon delivery drivers. Hello, my name is Ali. Where is a safe place to leave your order?" I did not order anything. 10 seconds later they send another text: "Unfortunately, your order couldn't be delivered. You can track your order on Your Orders page. This text session will close in 5 min." Highly suspicious. I did not contact them at all. They clearly want information about where I live. Scary.
Dangerous: -Pretends to work for Amazon. Asked to send a message back. Props gonna charge like £10 for texting back. Im blocking it.

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+447418342908 , 00447418342908 , 07418342908 , (07418) 342908 , 07418 342908 , +44 7418 342908 , tel:+44-7418-342908

The UK mobile number 07418342908 has a prefix of 07418 3, which belongs to the Tismi network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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