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Dangerous: -Alarmingly pre-texted me from 'Halifax' (Bank) telling me to expect a text from this number and quoted my last 4 numbers on my credit card. Typos in the second text told me it was a scam.
Dangerous: -tried to scam my bank account
Dangerous: -Received a text claiming to be from Halifax saying a payment of £799 has been declined. Please reply yes or no if this was you. Do not fall for it.
Safe: -This is legit Lloyds number. I call the number on back of debit card, who confirm all was fine/safe. 30.10.2020
Dangerous: -Scam. Pretending to be Lloyds Bank
Dangerous: -Text received stating activity on my OLD (cancelled) card, also giving last 4 digits of card. Asked for confirmation (Yes/No) of transaction.
Safe: -Halifax credit card Fraud team. I rang the number (freephone on a landline) on the back of the card 0800 0 15 15 15 to verify it was actually them & it was. They auto text to verify a suspicious transaction for £100
Dangerous: -Purporting to be from Halifax saying my card had been used.
Dangerous: -Saying it’s Lloyd’s Bank and saying I had made a payment which I did not .
Dangerous: -Scam. Portraying to be from lloyds bank but its not

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+447860015598 , 00447860015598 , 07860015598 , (07860) 015598 , 07860 015598 , +44 7860 015598 , tel:+44-7860-015598

The UK mobile number 07860015598 has a prefix of 07860, which belongs to the O2 network.

Timezones: Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man, Europe/Jersey, Europe/London

Country: GB (United Kingdom)

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